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This toolkit contains information and resources for Community Health Representatives and Educators.  This includes tobacco cessation strategies, resources for implementing smoke-free policies, and complete toolkits for smoke-free environments.

Health professionals serving Native American communities can earn free CEUs online and help their clients quit commercial tobacco. This PDF contains links to free online training.

This toolkit describes how to implement, in a detailed format, a tobacco-free policy, including “toolbox” guides to be filled in by users when developing a tobacco-free policy.

This toolkit will support tribal entities by providing guidance on how to assess their organization’s readiness for change, steps towards designing and implementing smoke-free policies, and example policies, implementation timelines, and letters to community members explaining the policy. This toolkit was developed for a broad range of community healthcare organizations and treatment facilities.

This all-inclusive toolkit profiles South Dakota tribes as it outlines the distinction between sacred and commercial tobacco use, shares best practices in commercial tobacco use prevention, provides a guide for assessing the current status of commercial tobacco policies within tribal communities, & more.

This guide will benefit tribal entities by providing advice and the factors to consider when developing, implementing and enforcing a smoke-free policy in the workplace.  There is an example policy, as well as answers to common questions about a smoke-free policy that employees may have.


This comprehensive toolkit reviews numerous reasons to go tobacco-free, steps to implementing a tobacco-free policy in the workplace, and additional resources. 

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With telework becoming the new method of delivery for businesses and medical professionals, this toolkit will aid in Telehealth. To protect patients and medical staff during current pandemic, this guide will assist in methods of 

communications and tobacco cessation.


The EX Program is a digital tobacco cessation program that is tailored towards each participant. Through a personalized quit plan the program includes: personalized text messages, EX coaches, peer support, expert content on chronic conditions, and much more.

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Healthmatch: What You Need to Know About Lung Cancer includes information about lung cancer and the causes of it. In relation to commercial tobacco, the toolkit provides 

resources for prevention, symptoms overview, and treatments. 

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True Initiative has a fact sheet about the different forms of cigars and the health effects they have on different generations.

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This toolkit was created to promote effective smoke-free air policies worldwide. 

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This toolkit is designed for people 50 and over who are trying to quit smoking. This guide will provide aid, tips, and strategies for tobacco cessation. 

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In collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, Indian Health Services developed the SmokefreeTXT Program, a phone messaging tool, for American Indians and Alaska Natives in efforts to quit smoking. Individuals have the opportunity to enroll in a 6-8 week program for resources and daily support.


This guide shares the benefits and negative

impacts of tobacco use for individuals that have behavioral health conditions. This guide also shares data that reflects the overall contribution of cigarette use among adults.  

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SmokefreeTXT is a text program offered by the National Cancer Institute's Enroll by text message and receive daily support in quitting smoking. The program lasts for 6-8 weeks.

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