Video 1: Chemicals in Secondhand Smoke

Learn about the danger and chemical exposure to secondhand smoke. 

Video 2: Cost Savings

Learn about money saved vs. money lost due to the use of tobacco products.

Video 3: Tobacco Cessation & Resources

Learn some facts about quitting and resources to help quit smoking.

Video 4: Smokeless Tobacco

Learn about the danger of utilizing smokeless tobacco.

Video 5: Thirdhand Smoke

Learn about the danger of thirdhand smoke and how to protect your family. 

Video 6: Secondhand and Thirdhand

              smoke and pets

Learn about the danger of secondhand and thirdhand smoke exposure to pets.

Video 7: Reasons to Quit

Learn about the benefits of quitting commercial tobacco products. 

Video 8: Targeted Marketing

Learn how tobacco companies have targeted specific groups of people. 

Video 9: Predatory Marketing

Learn how tobacco companies target youth to use tobacco products.

Video 10: Tobacco Myths and Facts

Learn the myths and facts about commercial tobacco.

Video 11: Nicotine Addiction

Learn how nicotine addiction can affect your lungs, brain, and body.

Video 12: Nicotine Poisoning 

Learn about the danger of nicotine overdosing in adults and children. 

Video 13: What Are E-Cigarettes? 

Learn about the danger of e-cigarettes.

Video 14: Flavored Tobacco: Menthol

Learn how menthol is used as an ingredient to target youth and to mask the harshness of cigarette smoke.

Video 15: Flavored Tobacco

Learn how the ban of flavored tobacco cigarettes contributed to the increase use of hookahs and cigars.

Video 16: Secondhand Aerosol Exposure

Learn how secondhand aerosol exposure is dangerous to the lungs.

Video 17: Policy Change 101

Learn about how important it is to have commercial tobacco policies in your tribal community.

Video 18: Dee Johnson Clean indoor Air ACT

Learn how policy can protect people in the state of New Mexico.

protect loved ones?

Video 19: How Can You use policy to 

Learn how policy can protect your family and friends.