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Tribal enterprises

Tribal Enterprises might include golf courses, gaming facilities, wedding and special event venues, arcades, hotels, amphitheaters, restaurants, convenience stores, and other workplaces on tribal land.  This toolkit illuminates the benefit of creating smoke-free environments in the venues owned and operated by tribal enterprises.

This article shares the risks of secondhand smoke in casinos, focusing on casino workers' health. It provides evidence of improving worker health and improving the bottom line by going smoke free.

Today 85% of U.S. adults are nonsmokers, and smoke free indoor air is now the expectation for gaming enthusiasts across more markets. This PDF talks of what a smoking casino could cost your business.

This document lists the benefits of making tribal enterprise venues smoke-free, cites statistics about the number of people who smoke, and connects the smoke-free environment with sustained revenues. This toolkit includes a small section about how to implement a smoke-free policy. It also provides a number to call for more information and help in implementing a smoke-free policy in the tribal enterprise setting.


This video illustrates how the Ho-Chunk Madison Casino in Wisconsin transitioned to being a successful smoke free environment.  


This document discusses the dangers of secondhand smoke, as a result, the possibility of death and disease in casino workers and patrons. 

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