• Aerosol is not harmless "water vapor" and is not as safe as clean air.

  • ENDS marketing has included unproven claims of safety and use for smoking cessation 

  • As part of the Dee Johnson Clean Indoor Act, beginning June 19, 2019, vaping is not allowed everywhere smoking is prohibited in the State of New Mexico


  • When addressing potential public health harms associated with ENDS, it is important to simultaneously uphold and accelerate strategies found by the Surgeon General to prevent and reduce combustible tobacco use, these include: 

    • tobacco price increases

    • comprehensive smoke-free laws

    • high-impact media campaigns

    • barrier-free cessation treatment and services

    • comprehensive statewide tobacco control programs

  • To learn more, you can view the full PDF from CDC here.

  • Nearly 2.5 million U.S. middle and high school students used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days

  • 263,000 middle and high school students who had never smoked cigarettes had used  e-cigarettes

  • Most ENDS users also smoke combustible cigarettes

  • Nicotine is highly dangerous for pregnant women, fetuses, children, and adolescents

    • Nicotine poisoning can occur from the ingestion of liquid nicotine, absorption through the skin, and inhalation