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multi-unit housing

This toolkit contains information and resources for Community Health Representatives and Educators.  This includes tobacco cessation strategies, resources for implementing smoke-free policies, and complete toolkits for smoke-free environments.

This resource from Americans for NonSmokers Rights is beneficial for landlords and property managers. It includes steps to take when converting a smoking unit to a non-smoking unit.

This profile provides a New Mexico case study.The goal is to make all 8,000 residents living in multi-unit public housing complexes are protected from secondhand smoke exposure in their home.

This resource provides information on navigating the challenges of implementing smoke-free policies and links to policies adopted by various housing authorities across the United States.

This US Department of Housing and Urban Development notice, 2012, encourages public and tribal housing authorities to implement smoke-free policies in public and tribal housing units.

This publication includes descriptions of different types of housing policies and steps that can be taken by public housing advocates to encourage the adoption of smoke-free policies in public housing.

This manual is designed for programs that are working to reduce secondhand smoke exposure. The manual includes strategies, recommendations, best practices and tools.

This website offers a map of certified smoke-free housing, resident education and presentations, property owner and manager information of creating smoke-free properties. The program provides education and resources to support policy adoption, implementation, and enforcement.

This document is helpful for tribal entities in taking the appropriate steps before, during and after implementing a smoke-free policy.

This U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) document serves as an action guide for establishing smoke-free public housing and multifamily properties.


This PDF discusses New Mexico's effort in making multi-unit housing smoke-free, administrative work, Bernalillo County, Santo Domingo Pueblo, and San Felipe Pueblo's efforts. 

In this PDF you will find multiple fact sheets for guided implementation of HUD's smoke-free policy in public housing. Tips, checklists, timelines, and additional helpful tools.


This toolkit contains various steps one can go through to advocate for smoke free multi-unit housing. 


This infographic depicts reasons why making multi-unit housing smoke free matters. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 3.30.01 PM.png

This success story highlights JL Gray, the second largest manager of multi-unit housing properties in New Mexico for going smoke free. 


This toolkit contains resources and tools to support smoke free multi-unit housing. 

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This tool contains smoke free multi-unit housing resources for advocates.

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