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health communication intervention campaign

To continue the progress and effort of educating and sharing awareness of the traditional use of tobacco, SFS has implemented a mass-reach health communication intervention campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to spread awareness about the sacred use of traditional tobacco as a protective factor and the danger of commercial tobacco use and secondhand smoke, while recognizing the cultural continuance of New Mexico Indigenous communities. This campaign will include a professional photography session, slogan development, distribution plan, social media highlight, and paid media outreach (i.e., posters, billboards, magazine ads, newspapers, etc.). 

SFS is recruiting participants to serve as models and representatives from their respected Tribal communities and participate in this mass-reach health communication intervention campaign. All participants must be from a federally recognized Tribe of New Mexico and be willing to partake in a one-day photoshoot on (date to be determined). All participants will be required to dress in traditional clothing/ragalia from their respected Tribal Nation, Tribe, or Pueblo. Lastly, all ages are welcome to apply and participate in this statewide health campaign. The SFS program is also offering all accepted participants a $100 stipend reimbursement, travel reimbursement to and from the photoshoot location, traditional tobacco vs. commercial tobacco education packet, and snacks/water on day of photoshoot.


Please note, all participants will need to complete a model application form with signature(s), model application questionnaire, and photo release form. If the applicant is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will need to complete the forms on behalf of the participant. 

DEADLINE: Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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